'BRO' and six accomplices

A jolly night at the 'hole, 185.300kHz. Despite it being noisy (storms in the midwest that eventually made 'YK' hide) lots seen, including and especially 'BRO'. Man, are you loud or what? In order top to bottom: 'BRO' Duluth Minnesota, 'WEOH' Minnesota, (uh, Lyle, where are you?) 'YK' Evansville Indiana, 'VD' Connecticut, 'Wm' Massachusetts, 'NC' Stansfield North Carolina, and his esteemed wobbliness 'TAG' Massachusetts.

To put this in perspective for new viewers, all these traces as received in south-central Pennsylvania are from 'Lowfer' radio stations operating under FCC Part 15 rules, meaning in effect a transmitter power of 1 Watt or less and an antenna of less than 50 feet in dimension. The rules were intended to *prevent* radiation from out of ones backyard . . . radio is great.

© Steve Dove, W3EEE, 2003