Crossband QSO with G3AQC

My first crossband 136kHz/7MHz QSO. And a highlight of a hambone career. (My, we lead sheltered lives. Never has so much emotion been wrought from three 'dits' on a screen.) At left is the end of Laurie calling CQ in dual-frequency CW (DFCW) - ending visibly in "QC K". ( Whereupon there was much panicky floundering on forty meters as I contacted him and gave him a fully deserved report of "OOO".) Back to the screen, he returns with "EEE 59 AQC". The conga line starts here . . .

Note the 'uphill struggle', caused by (an otherwise highly respected) transceiver sadly insufficiently stable for high-resolution communication.

© Steve Dove, W3EEE, 2003