This website was initially thrown together to provide ready availability to data being collected from the measurement of a transatlantic LF (Low Frequency) path. Encouragement and direction from Alan, G3NYK, was and is invaluable - he is a voracious devourer of such data in his hope of eventually making more sense of LF propagation and possibly being able to make reasonable prognostications as to what might be 'good days', the ultimate piece of knowledge for LF operators.

I cannot rave enough about 'SpecLab' by Wolf, DL4YHF. It is this piece of software which does much of the 'heavy lifting' behind the data collection, display and distribution. And many thanks to Dex, W4DEX, for many pointers in making it all work, and unearthing hidden gems in Wolf's work.

Alberto, I2PHD is behind 'Argo', Spectran' and 'Jason', none of which any serious LF operator can be without. Direct, easy to use, finely-tuned and to the point, they have almost single-handedly (triple-handedly?) been at the receiving end of every major LF operating 'first' and event.

AMRAD, a DC-area based organisation, who kept a 136kHz beacon or two running in the US when only a very, very few people were aware. And to the Lowfer community in the USA, who have made 'ridiculous' achievements with under a Watt and bits of wire. Thanks for the blazing the way.

LF relevant Links

By no means exhaustive, but some are exhausting . . . some of these sites have very extensive and complete links listings which would be pointless duplicating; regard this as a starting point.

  • LWCA - Longwave Club of America.
  • wireless.org.uk Dave Pick, G3YXM's excellent site, reflecting LF from the EU perspective
  • DL4YHF's SpecLab Soundcard based FFT audio analysis tool par excellance.
  • Argo, Spectran and Jason from Alberto, I2PHD. Run, don't walk, to get these superb operational tools.
  • CT1DRP Brian's site, including real-time monitoring of DCF-39, too; inspiration for this site.
  • W4DEX Dex's site, also with near-real-time monitoring of DCF-39, and much else about LF
  • G3NYK Alan's site, coordinating and correlating LF propagation data.
  • DK8KW's website - everything about DCF-39 and much more.
  • Worldwide lightning map Check to see if it's worth turning the receiver on.
  • LightningStorm.com For more detail of storms within the US.
  • VE3FAB Jerry Proc's tutorial on hyperbolic navigation systems, formerly and presently (Loran) extensive users of LF.
  • 'Rapido' by Rik, ON7YD, permits a periodic automatic 'snatch' say every minute of the real-time plots on this website, giving a very low-latency remote display without having to continually hit 'Refresh'. Watch paint dry and grass grow whole oceans away!
  • K0LR Lyle, a once prominent 'Lowfer', with a site containing much of wisdom and practicality.
  • VE7SL Steve, British Columbia. LF ears and loops.
  • Bill Ashlock, he of the mightly transmitting loops.
  • 'MultiPSK' by F6CTE. Home of bijou and bizarre modes, including PSKAM10, PSK63, HELL, FAX and all the usual HF data modes.
  • Laurence, KL1X /portable always somewhere interesting. Good information behind probably the BIGGEST signal 137kHz has known.

  • © Steve Dove, W3EEE, 2003