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Attention Conspiracy Theorists and Scalar-Folk!

OK. Enough's enough!

After an initial run-in with you lot a couple of years ago ("beaconing for aliens" - see the end of 'KFI' ), recently I've had another bout with a bunch of you. Now, don't get me wrong - as far as I'm concerned you can believe what you like, fine and dandy. But don't read what *you want to read* into anything on this site, then lambast me with your presumptions and ripe imaginings. It would all be funny if it weren't that for the most part you are so *rude*, *presumptive* and *obnoxious*, whether you think I'm "on your side" or "the enemy"!

The many years of data from this site are available to anyone who shows a genuine interest but are *not* public domain or free for the asking; not to those who come on like some pseudo-Fed agency as if it's their right, and not to those asserting I'm obviously "an enemy of the people and truth" if I don't immediately cough it up. And especially not to those who plainly have no interest in what the data actually *are*, but just want to find something, anything in it all that fits some predetermined hooray. That's just not how science is done, sonny.

You really, really need to work on your communication and interpersonal skills (yes I know this is the internet, but what lame excuse is that for being appalling?) and to carefully consider your rantings and flailings from any point of view other than that through your tiny, narrow prism of world-view. Indeed, more to the point, carefully consider not ranting and flailing at all. Especially at me.

Take a deep breath. Go for a long walk. Read a book. Watch "Housewives". Chill out. Oh, and take a bath, too.

If you aren't interested in LF radio science, or, as it seems, have no real interest in learning anything about LF radio science apart from snippets that conveniently fit your dogma, leave, leave now, leave quickly, leave quietly.

Thank You. Bye-Bye.


© Steve Dove, W3EEE, 2006