BG - 332kHz - Binghampton, NY

BG - an outer-marker beacon, regaling under the fabulous name 'SMITE' in beautiful downtown Binghampton (nearly).

You've just got to love something called 'SMITE'! In common with most other outer-marker beacons, this one is plonked where it needs to be, rather than where might have been convenient. Half-a block up Oliver St., north from Court St. (Rt.11 - a major drag parallel to the rail tracks and river), it occupies a small lot in a not-quite centre-city suburban side-street, hemmed in by houses and power lines; that it radiates at all is amazing. It uses a fairly standard 'Southern Avionics' mid-loaded / top-hatted antenna.

Some other pictures:

  • Antennas closer.
  • Tophat.

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