BZJ - 328kHz - Bellgrove, PA.

BZJ being buzzed by a 'copter from nearby Muir Field

As bucolic as the above picture gives the impression, BZJ's concrete block hut and three phone poles are really in the middle of a huge, sprawling (and steadily decaying) military base (Fort Indiantown Gap) which are generally if you aren't aware, full of huts, concrete or wood, and zillions of phone poles. A perfect place to hide an NDB. Took me ages to find it. Just over the brow of the rise upon which BZJ sits are yet more huts and poles and Muir Field, a PA Air National Guard airbase.

A classic 'T' antenna formation, with a central support pole. The top length is some 150 feet, height little more than 30 feet. Rated at 25 Watts, but is a fairly ho-hum radiator, and not widely reported by beaconeers (beaconears?). Its main claim to fame here is that it is my 'local', the closest beacon to home.

Some other pictures:

  • Blockhouse and poles.
  • Feedpoint.
  • Top of central pole.

    Just so I can remember where it is.

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