CX - 219kHz - Harrisburg, PA


CX - otherwise known as 'LATLE' is an outer marker for Harrisburg's Capital City Airport (CXY). This used to be the city's main airport until Olmstead AF Base suddenly turned into Harrisburg International; now it is a corporate / private aviation base.

The first time I went to have a look at CX a few years ago it took a bit of finding and getting to; it was on a slight ridge amongst seemingly endless cornfields and meadows, and approachable up a well-overgrown dirt path, just north of a kink in Fisher Road, in Upper Allen Township. It was also, at the time, one of the most woeful sounding NDB's, too; weird character spacing and chirpy. Quite characterful. Now it's on the edge of the township's Friendship Park - complete with pavilions and playground equipment - with housing developments burgeoning otherwise all around. And it sounds 'normal'. Oh, well.

Some other pictures:

  • Longer shot.

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