MR - 385kHz - Monterey, CA


Another totally accidental 'find'. There I was strolling around the grounds of the Asilomar conference resort (at the tip of the Monterey Peninsula), taking a breather between sessions of a super-double-secret technology symposium being held there, when I tripped across this thing next to a car park: A nice, low-key, outer-marker NDB of the best sort - wooden hut, 'phone poles, bits of wire, blended in with the vibe of the place. It was 'MR' ('MUNSO' to its official friends, lord help them), compass-locator and outer-marker to Monterey's airport, 'MRY'.

Being a collection of techno-geeks, scions of microprocessor and signal-processing worlds alike, on the beacon's discovery there were frantic and earnest flourishings of laptops, consultings of databases, drawings of lines on Google-maps, wavings of arms, and as a finale upon the brandishment of my little Sangean 909 hand-held, the ultimate: listenings to beeps. We were pathetic, trust me.

Some other pictures:

  • Longer shot.

    © Steve Dove, W3EEE, 2003,4,5