PIX - 362kHz - Picture Rocks, PA


Yes, there really is such a place as Picture Rocks. It is a little off the beaten track near Muncy, on the way to Williamsport. For those to whom none of those names mean anything, chuck a dart at the middle of a map of Pennsylvania.
A somewhat incongruous site; the NDB had obviously been in place forever in the middle of a field before a small development grew up around it. To add insult to injury, conversing with one of PIX's neighbours and explaining what it was, what it was doing there etc., he asked - too eagerly - how long it would be before GPS made it obsolete and it would go away. Sigh.
A nice installation, which gets out well; a good high, long 'T'.

© Steve Dove, W3EEE, 2003,4,5,6,7