RNB - 363kHz - 'Rainbow' Millville, NJ.


One of the louder NDBs in the Mid-Atlantic area, RNB is just a couple of miles west of Millville New Jersey. With a very substantial self-supporting 100+ foot tower and blockhouse, it shares more of a kinship with the CLB and DIW power-houses than the hut-and-sticks variety. Distinctly an FAA or military thing about them.

The most notable thing about the installation however is its use of an elevated counterpoise screen as a major part of its ground system - pictures below show this in some detail. It is some 10 feet off the, um, dirt, and about 50 feet square. Its seems to be mounted onto and into the ground, so possibly there is a more conventional radial set underground too. The matching/tuning unit is under the screen, and the feedpoint understandably more complex than usual.

Some other pictures:

  • Base of tower over screen.
  • Tower base under screen.
  • Tuning unit and feedpoint.

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