YTR - 215kHz - Trenton, ON, Canada

YTR - my, those Canadians know how to do NDB's, don't they?

Not often an NDB lands in one's lap, so to speak, without even being aware of its presence, let alone going to look for it. Just off to the northwest of the intersection of Hwy 401 and Hwy 32 just outside Trenton, (just west of Kingston, ON) the NDB's tower is very obvious, and beckons to the faithful. At some 100 ft. tall, and with a top-hat probably 30' across, and on enough property that a decent ground-plane is likely, this is in a whole other category to most US beacons. The exception, of course, is the likes of CLB; the paradox is that being on 216kHz, CLB 'buries' YTR - a mere kiloHertz in frequency away - to all but well-filtered receivers.

Some other pictures:

  • Better look at the tophat.
  • Das ist Verboten, Ja?

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