Phew! Wot A Scorcher!

(With only slight apologies to "The Sun" * .) The most dramatic night yet recorded here - that of Jan. 5th. into Jan. 6th., 2003. Wide open and Loud for hours on end. This is as a sort of reference to the real-time graph, so that it's possible to see how good a night (or otherwise) it might shape up to be. Alan, G3NYK has far better analyses and comparisons on his page, based not only on the data from here but other sources, present and archived.

Just to keep things in perspective, here's the worst propagational night yet recorded here! Impressive, no?

* ( In response to a couple of bemused readers, "The Sun" is a British tabloid newspaper, best described as a sort-of daily "National Enquirer" ; it is prone to 144-point (2" high) headlines for events as varyingly momentous as say, winning the Falklands War, to as paraphrased here - bewailing an English summer's day reaching the dizzying heights of 75 degrees or so. Also, from the uniformly impressive pair of subjects in photographic study thereon, the phrase "Page Three" has become immortalised in the national lexicon.)


© Steve Dove, W3EEE, 2003