This capture is of a typical nighttime forage at 185.3kHz 'waterhole', with a few of the 'usual suspects' plainly visible. It was a funny old night propagationally, really quite patchy and not very good (the transatlantic path was dunningly average); there wasn't one single capture which had all of them solid (sorry, Mitch).

From top to bottom: 'IP' from Mississippi, 'TMO' upstate NY, 'WA' Massachusets, some FSK from 'NC', North Carolina, a hint of 'MP' Ontario, and last 'USA' from Connecticut, all several hundred kilometres range from here (south-central PA). What is remarkable is that they are all operating under FCC Part 15 rules, (1W DC input, 50 foot antenna) with ERPs in the handful of milliWatts.

© Steve Dove, W3EEE, 2003