Nov. 17th.,'05. TMO, BRO, and possibly others.

Happy days are here again! Welcome back Mike, 'TMO' whose re-emergence has provided a catalyst for modest renewed activity on the Lowfer watering hole after many a long dismal month. Visible on this capture: at '303 is a striking QRSS CW and 'Hell' image from 'BRO', Bruce in Minnesota; QRSS CW from 'TMO', Mike in upstate New York at '300.7 (who is indeed visible here to greater and lesser degrees day-round); as yet unresolved signals at '302.5, which nevertheless were popping in and out from about 0800z; hints of something else at about '302, again throughout the late night.

Conditions were pretty good, and the good news was that there was very little storm activity in the entire US; the bad news was that what there was, the one isolated cell, was only about 100 miles south of here . . . Big crashes, but not many of them.

Ah, yes. A couple of things that I can't do much about: There is a 'mystery meat' line at '302.3 the source of which is a total, well, mystery. All I know is that it is propagated; ditto a loud three-minute 'carrier' every 30 minutes or so up at about '303.2. Like Dr. Strangelove, I've given up worrying about them, but instead love that they provide a handy indication of system sensitivity, and by how much it is degraded by Argo's AGC in relation to band noise (or big signals).

Bring it on!

© Steve Dove, W3EEE, 2003