Mar. 11th. '03. Brian CT1DRP was in and out most of the night, but it really wasn't until much later on that the rest of the heavy mob showed up. Interestingly, this was at a time that DCF-39 was far down from its strongest, by more than 20dB, and was heaving its last gasps for the night. Not sure what time sunrise is over there ; maybe there is some kind of greyline enhancement at LF after all.

The spoiler trace (at 775.1) has been a well worthwhile and recommended experiment - it is now quite easy to measure how much the AGC in 'Argo' is reducing the gain. Except when it's obviously being hammered by QRN of whatever flavour, it was typically riding 6dB down from its quiescent daytime value. As Dex has pointed out to me, turning off the AGC does allow one to see the gark that's causing the AGC to act, but it makes for a very busy screen, harder to interpret and definitely less easy on the eye.

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