1010kHz - AM broadcast channel

A couple of 'Spectran' plots of 1010kHz; please click on the images for full-size versions.

1010kHz is ripe AM DX'ing for Europe, being fairly clear (3kHz) of their 9kHz channel increments, and big, ugly masking stations. Regardless of whether The Propagation Gods are propitious enough to allow actually listening to them, conveniently the two monster North American east-coast stations are readily discernable and detectable by 'Argo' or such; CFRB Toronto is the bright steady carrier at +1.2Hz (relative to nominal channel frequency) whilst WINS, NYC, is a prize 'woodler' between approximately +1.2Hz and +3Hz.

WINS' rep-rate is about 8 minutes, and the large transits vary from every hour or so to, as seen in these plots, more frequently. Incidentally, WINS uses an early model Harris DX-50 transmitter similar to that at KFI , although the 'woodle' character is quite different it's broadly similar in tempo. Apart from the odd 'supersized' woodles, WINS's looks like a straightforward crystal-oven with a bang-bang thermostat.

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