Grabulator I - Live Lowfers

Live: The 'Lowfer' Watering Hole around 185.300kHz; refreshes every minute.

Some captures of note:
  • Dec. 8th., '05 - MO, TMO, XGI.
  • Nov. 17th. '05 - TMO, BRO, et al.

    (Direct address for 'Argo' plots is - (or argo_2.jpg) - should one wish to automatically 'snatch' it using Rik ON7YD's 'Rapido' or such.)

    The 'Grabulator': Periodically refreshing spectrum-vs.-time display, usually once a minute, as captured by 'Argo' . Most typically it is activated when a significant LF operating event (e.g. Transatlantic tests, 'Lowfer' 185.3kHz 'watering-hole' activities etc.) are underway. 'Argo' is the premier tool for rendering visible very-low-speed Morse code (QRSS) with dot-lengths of between 3 and 120 seconds (QRSS3 - QRSS120) and sundry boutique modes such as HELL. Depending on the expected signal format, the above 'Argo' screen can represent between a couple of minutes and a few hours of captured time; refresh time will likely change accordingly also. The entire 'Argo' display is shown, since much valuable information for aiding interpretation is on there.

  • Argo's Greatest Hits . . . Some choice captures. Or perhaps a rogues gallery.
  • . . . to see if that's what the problem is. It usually is.


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